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We are the Hard of Hearing and We are Two Societies

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In 1986 a deaf lady rose above to become an actress and it was probably her most famous role among the deaf and hearing societies. Marlee Matlin, who now is the most known deaf person in the world was the main actress for the movie called “Children of a Lessor God.” She has done movies that involve her doing roles that she never really wanted to do, but heck she got to make money. She can talk much better than most deaf people can and she has been trained to understand hearing people very well.  Her and I, are both alike in some ways. I can speak fairly well and I can hear a bit, but I read lips very well. I like to be noticed as a deaf person, but everyone thinks I am not deaf because I can talk. But this is all wrong and I am here to tell you right now, that not all deaf are capable of doing what other deaf can do.

When I started going to a deaf school I could talk very well and I met a few deaf who could talk well and some better than me. I met  those who couldn’t talk at at all and or were very slow in their talking abilities. In the hearing society you have those who can’t talk at all, but they can hear very well; therefore, they are hearing. Just because I can talk-don’t mean I am not deaf, but the truth is that it is more likely that I am in the middle. To some it’s a gift and to others its a curse; however, we are known as the Hard of hearing.

Just because we have a name for ourselves (deaf,) don’t mean we are all the same. The hearing have their name as well, but that don’t make them all the same. I am deaf, I speak, and I hear a little, but my future wife cannot. I am still among the deaf society, but I can mix into them a little better than the rest of you. I guess it a gift on my side. I am two societies and so is Marlee Matlin. She is no better than the rest of us and she knows best of all, but she is just more well known than the rest of us. If you sat the two us down then I bet you we could lead a conversation that no body would understand but those who are hard of hearing.

I like Marlee Matlin and I admire her, but I am one of those few who understand that she had to talk in order to pursue her dream. I understand because its what we go through. We are the few who can mix into both, but if we don’t do both then we are not who we are. We are deaf people who know how to talk and will be here when those who can’t need us to voice out what it is we want as a deaf society. Will be here to mix and understand both cultures better than they understand one another.

By David Strait


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Everyday I swear I think about my friends, but mostly I think about the ones I first knew, rather than the ones I know now. I am always thinking about the ones I knew in high school and college, but after that it just a blur because no other friends are like the ones I knew during the good days. Thomas Jefferson once wrote to John Page on June 25, 1804, ” Of those connected by blood the number does not depend on us. But friends we have if we have merited them. those of our earliest years stand nearest in our affections… Our college friends… are the dearest.” To me it seems that Thomas Jefferson stands corrected when he states this. I had friends growing up, but none of them seem to enter my affections like the ones I think about. Mostly my college friends, but all the other ones are not there anymore. There are those few I think about that I didn’t know in college and they are close to my affections, but most of my friends that I really care about and I want to see again are from college.

Just think about it! Not only the ones in college, but the ones you met after high school. The ones you grow a bond with and they begin to understand more than any others. These are your true friends and not the ones that will walk away never remembering you the way the other ones will.

I stand at fault for not staying in great contact with my friends, but I want you all to know that I am here for you. No matter how far away I am because as Tiffany Fields put it, “True friends, is when two friends can walk in the opposite direction and yet remain side by side.” I am here for you all and no matter what you think me! When you need me I will be here for you all…

That is my promise to you all…

I write this for these friends,

Tiffany Fields, Maribeth Zeleski, Sharon Opris, Andrea Aquilino, Zane Noschese, Josh Sechman, Anesti Rafti, Marla Jo Rabenstein, and Darrin Smith..

Even though I was not close to some of the college people I hang out with-I still think about them everyday. Even the ones I just went to class with. Some I just think of randomly, but hey it’s the thoughts that count, right?

Love: David Strait

Ocean Salt

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we use to be so close together

you couldn’t tell us apart

then life got in the way

we gave life

we use to hold each other

like the ocean holds it’s ocean salt.

then we moved on

baby i miss the way things use to be

we use to be a knitted love

can’t we go back

baby, i want to hold you

hold you like the ocean holds it’s ocean salt

why did we un-knit oursleves

we just got to sow it all back together

baby, won’t you let me hold you

hold you like the ocean holds its ocean salt

i need your hold, like the ocean holds it ocean salt

oh, won’t you hold me like the ocean hold it’s ocean salt

Reality and Imagination

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Don’t be bitter over reality! Whatever has and has not happen is not important anymore. Just imagine it because imagination can visualize the same thing, but the way you want it to happen and there’s no danger. Imagination is our most important tool because without it we do not have the logic to understand reality. Education is not more important than our imagination because our imagination is what connects the dots to education. For example, when cave men discovered fire they also discovered with there imagination that they can keep warm with it. This is the connection that imagination offers to many things.

Reality is just what happens to us and its whats real. Imagination is everything! It’s whats real, it’s whats fake, it’s what moves, and its what stays still. No matter how we argue it, imagination is more important than ourselves and it has always been. Imagination is the creation of God and it is the reason people believe and don’t believe in God. You see, no matter how we put it.

Imagination is our number one tool and will always be. Better use it while you have it!


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what is love

why does love hurt

why does love feel good

love is our greatest weapon

love is our greatest destruction

oh, why is love so evil

but so pure at the same time

makes you wonder

how can one word be so powerful

Believing in God and Being Religious are Two Different Things.

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Everybody these days seems to think that if a man believes in God then he’s religious, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe in God, but I do not devote myself to him nor would I choose too. I believe in leading a good life and staying kind to everyone and even admiring those who hate me. I believe everyone is equal under the law of God, but don’t expect me to read a bible and respect the law written by men who have heard Gods wisdom. Don’t expect me to attend church where church leaders grow filthy rich over those who are less poorer than themselves. I for one know I am not a religious man, but I do believe that God is a real being of power. That don’t make me religious it makes me anti-religious, because I believe in God, but I don’t believe in the way a religious person lives his/her life.  Most importantly I don’t believe that church leaders should profit from it’s believers; therefore, I am anti-religious. I don’t believe that God has expectations, but I believe he has values that we should live by and if we don’t then we are not condemned for it, but rather we are forgiven for living the wrong life.

If I am wrong, God, he will forgive me for my wrongness and if he does not, then I don’t need to worry for he is not God.

What is God, if God does not try to make our living existence in or beyond this world better for us in our afterlife?

Why Mrs Clinton is Better Than Mrs Palin

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The most important reason why Sarah Palin is a twisted woman bond to lead this Nation to its finale moments is because she pays money to protect herself. She even claimed it once when she told people that the reason why she left the Governor position is because she was paying too much money to defend herself. What is she hiding or is she just being herself? either way she’s way worse than Hillary Clinton. I am not fan of Bill Clinton, but Mrs. Clinton has caught my eye by the way she uplifted her shoulders after losing an election to team up with a fellow running mate who beat her. Often she feels like doing things herself and getting them done because she lives in the shadows of her husband Presidency. She wants her own shadow, but heck we all know she’s the one who lead the White House during her husband Presidency. So she was already a President, but Mr. Bill Clinton get the credit for it.

Now lets get back to Mrs Palin! She is so against President Obama’s free Health Care for all, but she herself use to jump the Canadian bordor to get free Health Care. How stupid and nieve is that? She told us that she wanted to do more for Americans and that was why she wanted to step down as Governor, but since then I haven’t seen or heard her do a damn thing for us.

While she’s not doing anything Mrs. Clinton is in the White House defending all the problems she has caused with her lies such as, “pull the plug on Grandma.” I mean how insulting is that? I am done with her and I am going to say it simply as Mrs Clinton explained once, “If Sarah Palin is elected to the White House I will immigrate from Amreica.”

I mean it, I will leave this Country if Palin is elected because she is the kind leader to lead this Nation to it’s down downfall.