Everyday I swear I think about my friends, but mostly I think about the ones I first knew, rather than the ones I know now. I am always thinking about the ones I knew in high school and college, but after that it just a blur because no other friends are like the ones I knew during the good days. Thomas Jefferson once wrote to John Page on June 25, 1804, ” Of those connected by blood the number does not depend on us. But friends we have if we have merited them. those of our earliest years stand nearest in our affections… Our college friends… are the dearest.” To me it seems that Thomas Jefferson stands corrected when he states this. I had friends growing up, but none of them seem to enter my affections like the ones I think about. Mostly my college friends, but all the other ones are not there anymore. There are those few I think about that I didn’t know in college and they are close to my affections, but most of my friends that I really care about and I want to see again are from college.

Just think about it! Not only the ones in college, but the ones you met after high school. The ones you grow a bond with and they begin to understand more than any others. These are your true friends and not the ones that will walk away never remembering you the way the other ones will.

I stand at fault for not staying in great contact with my friends, but I want you all to know that I am here for you. No matter how far away I am because as Tiffany Fields put it, “True friends, is when two friends can walk in the opposite direction and yet remain side by side.” I am here for you all and no matter what you think me! When you need me I will be here for you all…

That is my promise to you all…

I write this for these friends,

Tiffany Fields, Maribeth Zeleski, Sharon Opris, Andrea Aquilino, Zane Noschese, Josh Sechman, Anesti Rafti, Marla Jo Rabenstein, and Darrin Smith..

Even though I was not close to some of the college people I hang out with-I still think about them everyday. Even the ones I just went to class with. Some I just think of randomly, but hey it’s the thoughts that count, right?

Love: David Strait


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