Reality and Imagination

Don’t be bitter over reality! Whatever has and has not happen is not important anymore. Just imagine it because imagination can visualize the same thing, but the way you want it to happen and there’s no danger. Imagination is our most important tool because without it we do not have the logic to understand reality. Education is not more important than our imagination because our imagination is what connects the dots to education. For example, when cave men discovered fire they also discovered with there imagination that they can keep warm with it. This is the connection that imagination offers to many things.

Reality is just what happens to us and its whats real. Imagination is everything! It’s whats real, it’s whats fake, it’s what moves, and its what stays still. No matter how we argue it, imagination is more important than ourselves and it has always been. Imagination is the creation of God and it is the reason people believe and don’t believe in God. You see, no matter how we put it.

Imagination is our number one tool and will always be. Better use it while you have it!


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