Why Mrs Clinton is Better Than Mrs Palin

The most important reason why Sarah Palin is a twisted woman bond to lead this Nation to its finale moments is because she pays money to protect herself. She even claimed it once when she told people that the reason why she left the Governor position is because she was paying too much money to defend herself. What is she hiding or is she just being herself? either way she’s way worse than Hillary Clinton. I am not fan of Bill Clinton, but Mrs. Clinton has caught my eye by the way she uplifted her shoulders after losing an election to team up with a fellow running mate who beat her. Often she feels like doing things herself and getting them done because she lives in the shadows of her husband Presidency. She wants her own shadow, but heck we all know she’s the one who lead the White House during her husband Presidency. So she was already a President, but Mr. Bill Clinton get the credit for it.

Now lets get back to Mrs Palin! She is so against President Obama’s free Health Care for all, but she herself use to jump the Canadian bordor to get free Health Care. How stupid and nieve is that? She told us that she wanted to do more for Americans and that was why she wanted to step down as Governor, but since then I haven’t seen or heard her do a damn thing for us.

While she’s not doing anything Mrs. Clinton is in the White House defending all the problems she has caused with her lies such as, “pull the plug on Grandma.” I mean how insulting is that? I am done with her and I am going to say it simply as Mrs Clinton explained once, “If Sarah Palin is elected to the White House I will immigrate from Amreica.”

I mean it, I will leave this Country if Palin is elected because she is the kind leader to lead this Nation to it’s down downfall.


5 Responses to “Why Mrs Clinton is Better Than Mrs Palin”

  1. Sarah also used the money from her campaign to buy herself business suits and she called her last son a “retard”. A wicked woman, she is, truly… She’s never going to be elected; the Democratics are starting to be stronger than the Republicans.

  2. you read it and you added to it… Thanks….

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