The Storm Blackberry

OK, yes it’s a pain in the butt, but what is not? Sometimes the battery dies crazy and other days it lives forever. Some days it works fantastic and other days it don’t, but let’s be frank here. Nothing works perfectly and that’s the truth. The Storm Blackberry is something I have owned pretty close to a year and a half now and I love it, but I have owned it too long. You see, I love everything it has to offer and the touch screen is sweet; however, it don’t work when you got a smear or a little wetness on your hands. Your hands have got to be dry in order to work this phone/pager the right way. It plays music very well and the memory is huge with or without the 2nd memory card. It plays movies and more. It records voice messages and video messages. Downloads just about anything a computer can download. Takes pictures that are clear and leave no smears. In case of darkness a light shines very bright to make sure the picture will come out right, despite the dark. I could tell you so much more positive remarks about this machine, but I could weight them all down with negative remarks as well.  For example, it freezes all the time and I have to take the battery out for 10 to 30 seconds fix the problem. Many times when you type the letter you need all it takes is a simple piece of dirt or a rain drop to mess the whole message up. Many times the wrong letter pops up a few times before the right letter shows. Sometimes the screen just messes and shows things that are not suppose to be there and or it just slows down. I mean sometimes it takes forever to open an icon or send a message. You see, some day’s it works and other days it don’t.


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