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Believing in God and Being Religious are Two Different Things.

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Everybody these days seems to think that if a man believes in God then he’s religious, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe in God, but I do not devote myself to him nor would I choose too. I believe in leading a good life and staying kind to everyone and even admiring those who hate me. I believe everyone is equal under the law of God, but don’t expect me to read a bible and respect the law written by men who have heard Gods wisdom. Don’t expect me to attend church where church leaders grow filthy rich over those who are less poorer than themselves. I for one know I am not a religious man, but I do believe that God is a real being of power. That don’t make me religious it makes me anti-religious, because I believe in God, but I don’t believe in the way a religious person lives his/her life.  Most importantly I don’t believe that church leaders should profit from it’s believers; therefore, I am anti-religious. I don’t believe that God has expectations, but I believe he has values that we should live by and if we don’t then we are not condemned for it, but rather we are forgiven for living the wrong life.

If I am wrong, God, he will forgive me for my wrongness and if he does not, then I don’t need to worry for he is not God.

What is God, if God does not try to make our living existence in or beyond this world better for us in our afterlife?


Why Mrs Clinton is Better Than Mrs Palin

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The most important reason why Sarah Palin is a twisted woman bond to lead this Nation to its finale moments is because she pays money to protect herself. She even claimed it once when she told people that the reason why she left the Governor position is because she was paying too much money to defend herself. What is she hiding or is she just being herself? either way she’s way worse than Hillary Clinton. I am not fan of Bill Clinton, but Mrs. Clinton has caught my eye by the way she uplifted her shoulders after losing an election to team up with a fellow running mate who beat her. Often she feels like doing things herself and getting them done because she lives in the shadows of her husband Presidency. She wants her own shadow, but heck we all know she’s the one who lead the White House during her husband Presidency. So she was already a President, but Mr. Bill Clinton get the credit for it.

Now lets get back to Mrs Palin! She is so against President Obama’s free Health Care for all, but she herself use to jump the Canadian bordor to get free Health Care. How stupid and nieve is that? She told us that she wanted to do more for Americans and that was why she wanted to step down as Governor, but since then I haven’t seen or heard her do a damn thing for us.

While she’s not doing anything Mrs. Clinton is in the White House defending all the problems she has caused with her lies such as, “pull the plug on Grandma.” I mean how insulting is that? I am done with her and I am going to say it simply as Mrs Clinton explained once, “If Sarah Palin is elected to the White House I will immigrate from Amreica.”

I mean it, I will leave this Country if Palin is elected because she is the kind leader to lead this Nation to it’s down downfall.

President Obama and the Health Care Bill

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I am tired of everybody talking crap about these two things. First off, President Obama deserves the credit for getting our butts out of another depression. Secondly, why do you think other countries are talking with us and are making peaceful ways to help everybody profit to help build our nations again? I can give you one guess and yes the answer is President Obama. The President of the United States of America is the most respected leader around the world, but here in America they call him the “Anti-Christ.” Lame and stupid is this comment because not only does it show that Americans are being dumb, but that the world has more respect for a great leader than the people within the Nation itself. It very very sad!

OK, now about the Health Care Bill, why in the hell is everyone complaining? Don’t you get it? Everyone in the United States will be required to have health care and this is very wonderful. Yes it will be expensive and hard, but nothing great ever started out wonderful. Look at America for an example because it had to go through many wars to come to the great Nation it is. Its a wonderful Nation, but it was not always and is not always a wonderful Nation. It started out very awful and began to grow slowly into a better one. Do you see my point? If you are not willing to make the change now then we won’t be able to go through the worse part of it now and will have to do it later. Lets do it now and not later. Those who make more than 88,000 a year can afford to pay for health care for those who do not make that much. It’s common sense and common logic! The richer ones help to pay for the poorer ones. It just makes sense! Yes it makes sense and it is a good idea; surly, it will be successful too. It will take time, but in time people will be punished for giving you HIV and other STD. If you refuse help you will be punished. This is not wrong it is protecting every other person in the world.

President Obama, is doing the right thing and the hard thing. He will take the fall for being right, but we will tell him he is wrong. He is wrong because those who say he is wrong are too afraid of change. Too afraid of the process of change! He is the reason this nation is still holding out with other Nations. His team is almost, but better than the team that lead our nation economy too the top in the 1990s.

I will make it simple for you to understand. I will vote President Obama back into the White House again when the time comes for his next election. He is doing the right thing when we want him to do the wrong thing just because it is easier. This is sad!

The Storm Blackberry

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OK, yes it’s a pain in the butt, but what is not? Sometimes the battery dies crazy and other days it lives forever. Some days it works fantastic and other days it don’t, but let’s be frank here. Nothing works perfectly and that’s the truth. The Storm Blackberry is something I have owned pretty close to a year and a half now and I love it, but I have owned it too long. You see, I love everything it has to offer and the touch screen is sweet; however, it don’t work when you got a smear or a little wetness on your hands. Your hands have got to be dry in order to work this phone/pager the right way. It plays music very well and the memory is huge with or without the 2nd memory card. It plays movies and more. It records voice messages and video messages. Downloads just about anything a computer can download. Takes pictures that are clear and leave no smears. In case of darkness a light shines very bright to make sure the picture will come out right, despite the dark. I could tell you so much more positive remarks about this machine, but I could weight them all down with negative remarks as well.  For example, it freezes all the time and I have to take the battery out for 10 to 30 seconds fix the problem. Many times when you type the letter you need all it takes is a simple piece of dirt or a rain drop to mess the whole message up. Many times the wrong letter pops up a few times before the right letter shows. Sometimes the screen just messes and shows things that are not suppose to be there and or it just slows down. I mean sometimes it takes forever to open an icon or send a message. You see, some day’s it works and other days it don’t.

Hello Everyone

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Ok, My name is David and I am going to just leave random things daily. I may talk about a movie or my feelings about something. I may leave a quote and talk about the quote. It’s simple, if you like the way I write and the stories I tell then read away, but if you don’t then leave. It’s simple!


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